Guide to Building a Granny Flat in Sydney


Looking to build a granny flat in Sydney? Not sure what it requires? Worried about the costs and the process? This guide will provide you with all the information that you need to get started.


What is a Granny Flat Anyway?


As you probably guessed from its name, a granny flat is designed to accommodate the elderly. Since these flats are secondary to the main or primary property, these flats are also referred to as secondary dwellings. Granny flat builders build these flats to be self-contained and thereby a convenient accommodation for aging parents. While some people hire a granny flat builder for their aging parents, building a granny flat has now become a source of investment too! More and more people are getting their granny flats built at competitive prices and using them as a source of income. Regardless of where you live, there will almost always be a granny flat available for hire.


Build a Granny Flat and Reap its Benefits

Building a granny flat is becoming increasingly popular in Sydney. Not only do these granny flats look spectacular but they always prove to be an investment well made. Let’s take a look at the main benefits of building these beauties.


  • Great for home owners who wish to keep their aged parents near
  • Offer privacy and a comfortable lifestyle
  • Can be used as home offices or to accommodate extended family or guests
  • Look spectacular and modern
  • Quality service of granny flat builders available


Factors to Keep in Mind When Hiring a Granny Flat Builder


There are a few important factors that you should consider when you hire granny flat builders in Sydney.


  • Consider using the best granny flat builders in Sydney. The investment always pays off!
  • Ensure that your requirements are clear. This will the granny flat builder provide you with an accurate quote.
  • Always contact your local council so that you are informed regarding the legislation for building granny flats in Sydney.
  • Look into the hazards and don’t forget to obtain an A 149 certificate from your council.
  • Check whether the site for the granny flat complies with the State Environment Planning Policy standards.
  • Revise any financial and legal requirements

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It may be handy to keep a note of the concerns at hand so that you don’t miss them. Once you’ve addressed the above mentioned concerns, you can consider building your granny flat with peace of mind.

Site Inspection and Proposal Quote


Always get a granny flat builder to inspect the site for construction. Many a times, home owners may overlook potential restrictions in building their granny flats. This is where professional granny flat builders in Sydney can lend a hand. Look for a granny flat builder who can provide a free site inspection and consider avoiding service providers who charge you for the service. With a site inspection, you’ll also be given advice on how the granny flat should be built to make optimal use of the space.


Once your site has been inspected, the granny flat builders will provide you with a detailed quote or proposal. This will outline all the costs involved in accordance to the requirements that were specified. Make sure that you read the proposal carefully to avoid being surprised by overlooked costs later on. Again, quality granny flat builders will not charge you for offering a quote. While you can always request for a negotiation in price, always keep realistic expectations to avoid being disappointed. Remember, you’re going to be investing quite some money but with the right service providers in Sydney, it will ultimately pay off.


The Design Process


In order to be crystal clear on requirements, sometimes the granny flat builders may require you to fill out a form or a checklist. This will help them identify exactly what you require and will help inspire them to offer various designs. At this stage, a granny flat builder will personally discuss all the design options to ensure that the clients are happy with what they have in mind. Don’t forget, you can always request for amendments in the designs and the builders will help transform them into realistic solutions.


Your granny flat should always be an investment that you’re proud of and that is why you need to take full participation to ensure that the outcome is as you required. While professionals will have all the know-how of creating stunning granny flats in Sydney, the ability to have designs personalized will be a treat in itself.

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Living Space Distribution


While 60m2 may sound small, it is the ideal size for a good granny flat to be built in Sydney. A size of 60 m2 can easily accommodate two good sized bedrooms including decent sized wardrobes, a dining room, a kitchen, a living room space, laundry area and a bathroom. You’ll also want to consider the lighting since natural light will be your best friend when the weather is dull and gloomy. It will also help you save on energy costs in the long run. Good granny flat builders will provide you with the best options of maximizing your space so that you have a fully functional home that you’ll love!


When setting up the plumbing, consider keeping the bathrooms, laundry and the kitchen close together since it will prove to be economical. The closer the rooms, the cheaper the associated costs will be.


Getting the Approval


As far as the legal sides of things are concerned, the granny flat builders will handle them for you. They’ll do the running around and paperwork to ensure that you can have peace of mind.


While the construction usually takes from around 10-12 weeks, it all depends on personal preferences and requirements of the client. It is always a good idea to do your research beforehand to ensure that you are well-informed of the costs in the market and can get a good deal. Never compromise on quality of service. A good service will mean that you can save on energy and maintenance costs in the future. You also want to make sure that all the paperwork and legal side of things are addressed to avoid hassle later on. A professional company will eliminate the stress and will make sure that they have everything covered.