How Will A Granny Flat Benefit You?

Granny Flats are an investment property in your own backyard. By maximising the potential of your own valuable land, you can earn a second income and also add real value to your current property.

Due to the shortfall in affordable housing in NSW, the state government has passed legislation that will ensure you grow your investment portfolio. It is advisable to act now and benefit from these changes while they are in place.

tiny house in a driveway

NSW’s premier Granny Flat Builders

As the largest Granny Flats builder in NSW, we can ensure that you will have the best opportunity to take advantage of an investment that:

  • Pays itself off in 5-7 years
  • Provides a return on revenue of 15%-18%.

We will do it all for you – from concept and council approval through to construction, and operate extensively building granny flats in Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle and the Central Coast.

Granny Flats are a proven way to use simple design in order to maximise the potential of your yard for a realistic outlay. This type of investment has been proven over many years and now you can reap the benefits of generating an income from your own backyard.